Certificate Course in Web Designing

Many companies and organization need their website done and maintained by some web designing professional so the certified candidate will have a bright career

After completion of this course the participant will have the capability to design their own website by using various methods

Target Audience
School Final., Any Graduate., Any Post Graduate.

Pre Requisites
No prior Computer knowledge is required

Facts to Learn in ILS
1. Trained more than 10,000 candidates
2. Well Structured Course Material with Exercise and Examples.
3. First ever Institute to teach course with Projects.

DURATION: 54 Hours


Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to Web
  • Web Designing
  • Introduction to HTML
    • HTML features and uses, structures - adding body text and comments.
    • Using all the features, colours and other effects of HTML. Converting MS Office documents to HTML.
    • Tables & Lists – Creating Tables and Lists in HTML documents.
  • Multimedia Objects
    • Adding external images, video, and sound file including device independent (DVI) files. Add marquees of scrolling text.
  • Frames
    • Setting and releasing frames. Using one frame to index another. Creating floating frames, borderless frames and frames with borders.
  • Forms
    • Adding text box, check box, radio buttons, pull-down menus, single-line text field and password field. Processing the forms.
  • Style sheets
    • Altering different characteristics and features.
  • Soft Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Presentation Skill
    • Customer Service
    • Interview/ Entrepreneur Skill